Unplannedadventure’s Unplanned Hiatus

Hi everyone. Thank you all TONS for your lovely friendship and your support and interest in this blog. You’re what makes Tumblr the awesomest social media venue. Period.

I unexpectedly decided today to take a month-long hiatus from Tumblr. My daily planner is ridiculously filled with pen marks and I want to make it through this college semester the best I can. I’ve been posting less on Tumblr recently because I love it so much that it’s become an obsession of mine. And I need to cut those out right now. I access Tumblr only through the app, making it that much more accessible when you’re in a procrastinating mood… Yep. :)

This being said, I will be back mid-November. In the meantime, feel free to talk to me via “Ask” - I’ll be checking my messages regularly and responding. For those still waiting for a response from me, it will come - I pinky swear!

I just have to do this guys. Hope you understand! Love you all… God bless. See you in November!


Field Notes in lava fields and glaciers and waterfalls and volcanos…Iceland is amazing.

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St John’s College Old Library, Cambridge, England

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